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Privacy Policy

Personal identification data of Buyers given to the Lifevary in the course of a transaction are completely confidential and may in no case be transferred or made available to third parties except to ensure payment and delivery of the purchased Products. Lifevary, as provider of the Website service, and having responsibility for data processing, is committed to respecting all applicable provisions of the French Data Protection Act date as of 6 January 1978, and require its service providers and partners to take all security measures to safeguard this confidentiality. As part of the Lifevary’s Service, the Website does not however collect any personal data except where necessary to process Orders and the delivery of Products, for which it meets the applicable provisions of the French Data Protection Act. The Lifevary reiterates that it does not either provide or transfer any personal data to third parties, including Creators using the Website Service. The Lifevary specifies to Buyers that all Buyer information that could be used by the Buyer on the Website Service will be hosted on servers located in the European Union in a space dedicated to the (name of the store).
Lifevary takes great care in conducting its business activities. Buyers wishing to engage the liability of the Lifevary in any capacity whatsoever are asked to first contact the Lifevary to try to find an amicable solution before engaging in any legal action.
You agree to indemnify Lifevary for any loss or damage to us, including without limitation legal fees, arising from any breach of any warranty or other stated term by you or your misuse of any material or information obtained through the Website. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lifevary, its employees, agents, and licensees, from and against any claims, actions or demands (including costs, expenses and legal fees), alleging or resulting from above stated breach of any warranty or other stated term of these Terms and Conditions. You agree and undertake to indemnify the Lifevary for all loss or damage incurred by Lifevary in relation to any third party claim against us for infringement of intellectual property rights arising in relation to your provision of materials to the Website. You agree to hold Lifevary harmless from and against any claims or damages caused by the use of the Products, including but not limited to any adverse physical effects (such as bodily harm or physical injury). In no event shall Lifevary be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of any Product purchased herein. You agree and acknowledge that any Product purchased should be used at your own risk and you should assess the risks individual to your surrounding (including but not limited to your pets) before purchasing any Product or using it. You purchase any Products at your own risk.
Lifevary may not be held liable in the event of a force majeure, like those admitted by the courts, and notably: The following are to be taken as instances of Force Majeure, regardless of the cause and whether or not the case of force majeure is fully applicable: strike, the closure of workshops, fire, machinery breakdown, manufacturing issues or delays in the supply of raw materials. In the event of a late or delayed delivery resulting from Force Majeure lasting for longer than 3 (three) months, Orders will be cancelled at the express request of the Buyers, and Lifevary will be committed to refund the amount of the Order within 14 (fourteen) days after reception by the Website of the cancellation request (such refund can only happen through the payment method initially used for the Order.)
Should any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions be declared invalid or irrelevant with regard to a law or regulation in force, and/or indeed a court decision that has the force of res judicata, it will be deemed procedurally barred and will not result in the other provisions of the present contract becoming null and void. The decision of either party not to invoke any provision of these Terms and Conditions against the other party, shall not affect either party’s future right to invoke a provision. The Parties agree that emails sent to enforce any provisions of the Terms and Conditions, especially relating to Orders, shall only apply on the date and time when Lifevary receives said emails.
For all questions or claims relating to the current Terms and Conditions, Products, Orders, deliveries, Buyers are invited to contact Lifevary using the following contact information: Contact form:
Address: 27001 US Hwy 19 N,Clearwater,FL  33761
24/7 Support: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (716) 235-1746